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Annual Scientific Research Report of Shandong Technology and Business University in 2019(Excerpt)

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Annual Scientific Research Report of ShandongTechnology and Business University in 2019(Excerpt)



Part oneResearch Projects


227 New projectsincluding 67 government sponsored projects, 57 enterprise sponsored projects,103 school sponsored projects on financial management:


1. 9 projects sponsored by The National Natural Science Funds;


2. 56 projects on provincial level;


3. 2 key projects of Yantai;


4. 10 projects sponsored by school and local government;


5. 57 enterprise sponsored projects;


6. 100 approved projects on financial management sponsored by school, 2entrusted projects,  1 speciallyentrusted project;


7. A total of 25.1808 million Yuan received for projects, including 8.326million for government sponsored projects and 16.8548 million for enterprisesponsored projects, which is the highest of all years;


8. 11.8 million received for construction of provincial research initiativeplatform.



Part two ScientificResearch Achievements


1. 318 academic papers including 1 ESI highly cited paper, 9 A+levelpapers, 26 A level papers, 38 B level papers, 53 C level papers.


2. 54 papers included by SCI, 15 papers included by SSCI, 8 papersincluded by EI, 53 papers included by CSSCI, 4 papers included by A&HCI, 4papers reprinted in top level literature such as Xinhua Digest and Literature Reprinted byChina People s University


3.15 books published, 7 translated books published, 25 textbooks published.


4. 22 national patents granted including 9 patents of invention and 13patents for utility model.


5. 44 academic projects granted with various awardsincluding 4 projects granted with Excellent Achievement Award of Social Sciences in Shandong(one of which won the first prize and the rest won the third) and 13 projectsgranted with Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award of Institutions of HigherEducation in Shandong.



Part threeScientific Research Teams


1. 4 teams sponsored by Excellent Youth Innovation Team Scheme forInstitutions of Higher Education in Shandong.


2. Discipline Innovation Teams of this school established with 7 teamssponsored by school and 7 candidate teams, among which 5 teams are aboutfinancial management.  



Part four  Scientific Research Platform


1. Transformation, Upgradation and Collaborative Innovation Center forFinancial Services approved as the collaborative innovation center of ShandongInstitutions of Higher Education.


2. Appraisal and site inspection of the collaborative innovation center ofShandong Institutions of Higher Education(“Future Intelligent ComputationCollaborative Innovation Center”and “Shandong Energy Economy CollaborativeInnovation Center”) passed.


3. 2 new school-level scientific research innovation platforms established:Free Trade Zone Research Institute of Shandong Technology and BusinessUniversity and Third Distribution Institute of Shandong Technology and BusinessUniversity.


4. Performance appraisal of the 55 school-level scientific researchinnovation platforms strengthened and 470 thousand yuan invested for platformswhich passed the appraisal.





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