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Vice-President of Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics in Japan, Terashita Youchi ( in Chinese Sixia Yangyi), visited Shandong Technology and Business University

2019年05月18日 19:27      []

On May 15, vice president of Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatic in Japan,Terashita Youchi and his colleagues, visited our school , and Liu Xiangfeng, vice president of our school, received the visiting guests and had friendly talks with them.

Liu Xiangfeng said that after his visit to Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatic in April, Terashita Youchi ’s immediate visit to our university fully demonstrated his continuous concern for the cooperation between the two universities. This visit will further enhance the friendship, deepen the communication and exchanges between our two schools so as to lay a favorable foundation for the concrete and practical cooperation between us. Liu Xiangfeng really hoped to give full play to the advantages and characteristics of two schools’ disciplines to achieve a win-win result. The cooperation between the two schools was fully affirmed and expected byTerashita Youchi, and he exhibited his willingness to spare no efforts for the cooperation and friendship between our two schools as practical cooperation and exchanges, which were in line with the long-term interests of our two schools , were beneficial to cultivate students and upgrade the international level of running schools.

At the end of the talks, Sixia Yangyi,accompanied by relevant personnel from the College of Computer Science and Technology, the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Entrepreneurship as well as the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, held a discussion with the students of the Computer Science and Technology College, and exchanged views with them in terms of students’ study and living conditions of his school.