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Party Secretary Bai Guangzhao Went Field Research and directed work on Livelihood Project

2020年03月17日 10:19      []


Party secretary Bai Guangzhao,accompanied by vice party secretary Guo Jinchuang and vice president Long Xili,went field research and directed work on school’s livelihood project on themorning of March 12.    


During this field research, Bai Guangzhao learned about thecurrent achievements of the project and gave directions on efficient use ofresources, sound planning and traffic diversion. He emphasized that as thelivelihood project of our school, the construction of the underground passageliking the west and east campus attached great importance to the interests ofteachers and students and the future development of our school. Bai Guangzhaoalso pointed out the following three factors are essential to the project:responsibility, quality and safety. Responsibility means that we need to takethe current construction conditions into full consideration while bearing thegeneral blueprint of development of our school in mind. The project should becarried out according to strategic and forward planning. The second factor isquality, and only by strengthening coordinated planning, delicacy managementand standard construction can the quality of the underground passage beguaranteed. As to the third factor safety, it should always be our firstpriority. During the project, any potential problems need to be spotted and solvedto ensure the safety of the project and satisfy the needs of all students andteachers.    

   Relatedoffice staff in Office of the Party Committee, President Office andInfrastructure Management Department attended this field research.   

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