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Loving at First Sight, Bright Future to be Expected Shandong Technology and Business University Warmly Welcome New Students of 2022

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Lovingat First Sight, Bright Future to be Expected


ShandongTechnology and Business University Warmly Welcome New Students of 2022


On September 3rd, Shandong Technology and Business University(SDTBU) welcomed its first batchof undergraduate and postgraduate freshmen in 2022 coming from places outsideShandong Province. They embarked on their new journey of life with dreams andhopes at SDTBU.    

On the morning ofSeptember 3rd, university officials including Bai Guangzhao, YangTongyi, Guo Jinchuang and Long Xili paid visits to the registration places onboth campuses to express warm welcome to the freshmen, and extend sincerethanks to staff members and volunteers. At the university gate, officialsintroduced in detail the university’s registration arrangements in thebackground of COVID-19 pandemic, answered the question parents are concernedabout and pledged that the university would try its best to accommodate eachnew student on the campuses.      

At the registration stands, officials talked with new students,staff members and volunteers about the registration progress. At the “GreenPathway” designed for students with financial difficulties, new students inneed of help were offered financial subsidies, gift packs and books such as XiJinping and College Students, and Wealth Management. They wereencouraged to study hard and make efforts in their professional learning.

At the student dormitories and cafeteria, university officialstalked with new students on how they feel about SDTBU. New students wereencouraged to adapt to the new life here as soon as possible, work hard and bea better self, thus making a solid stride on their new journey. Schools anddepartments held various welcome activities with unique characteristics to makenew students feel at home.  

To make a better preparation for the registration work in 2022in the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control, SDTBU heldspecial coordinating meetings among departments of the university, stipulatingthe principles of acting upon epidemic prevention and control regulations,making plans in advance, solving problems in a scientific and precise manner toensure the smooth progress of every procedure. Each new student has to makehealth claims for 7 consecutive days and get their registration applicationapproved before he or she enters the campus. At the gate, staff members willcheck the 48-hour COVID-19 results, Shandong Electronic Health Code, TravelCode and temperature of each new student. Then registration is completed at theregistration stand of every school and department.    

The university offers one volunteer for each student who willhelp new students in carrying luggage, COVID-19 test, registration, obtaininghandouts and moving into the dormitory. Schools and departments tried to offerone-stop registration and one-bag service: new students were able to completeall registration process at one desk and all the handouts were put in one bag.SDTBU provided picking up service at Yantai Railway Station, Yantainan RailwayStation and Yantai Coach Station. All these preparations were done tofacilitate the life and study of new students.

On September 4th, new students from Shandong Province willarrive at SDTBU. After registration, students will participate in militarytraining and other special education activities for freshmen about enrollmentand adaption, professional learning, epidemic prevention and control, etc.  



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