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Build Nests to Attract Phoenixes, Construct a Stronger SDTBU Through Talent Strategy

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Build Nests toAttract Phoenixes, Construct a Stronger SDTBU ThroughTalent Strategy

SDTBUConvened a Meeting to Advance Talent Acquisition


On the afternoonof Apr. 4, 2022, Shandong Technology and Business University convened a meetingto advance talent recruitment. President Yang Tongyi chaired the meeting andgave a speech. The vice president Xu Shiai attended the meeting.

During themeeting, Yang Tongyi emphasized three points . First, the university shouldhighly value talent acquisition and make determined efforts to construct astronger SDTBU through proper talent strategy. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought onSocialism with Chinese Characteristics, we should carry out the key issues ofthe Central Government and Provincial Talent Conferences, improve ourideological level, strengthen our sense of responsibility and mission,reinforce the CPC’s overall leadership in talent affairs, and cultivate,recruit talents and maximize their potential, so as to provide a solid talentsupport for the construction of an open, excellent university for financialintelligence education. Second, talent quality should be constantly enhanced byadhering to the leading position of discipline construction. We should bedemand-oriented, fulfill our roles dutifully, identify directionsscientifically, enhance team consciousness, improve the rationality andaccuracy of talent acquisition and cultivation, and continuously upgrade thelevel of discipline construction and the core competencies of disciplines.Third, we should operate from a strategically advantageous position, targetingour efforts on gathering high-calibre talents. Focusing on internal factors andpaying attention to external factors, we need to shoulder primaryresponsibilities, strengthen our sense of pride and honor in handling talentaffairs properly, expand routes of talent acquisition, and strive to make newbreakthroughs in the acquisition and cultivation of high-calibre talents.Fourth, talent-led development should be a long-term strategy, aiming to createan optimal talent ecology. Meanwhile, the university should deepen structuraland institutional reform, improve rules and regulations, enhance serviceinitiative and quality, and wholeheartedly and enthusiastically construct aideal environment that attracts talents nationwide and worldwide.

Xu Shiai pointsout that the university’s talent effort has entered a phase of guaranteeing thequantity, improving the quality and optimizing the structure. In this phase, weshould adhere to the CPC’s leadership in human resources affairs, strengthenour awareness of quality, give full play to the key role of secondary partyorganizations, further promote the construction of a stronger SDTBU throughtalent strategy, focus on improving weaknesses, consolidate the foundation, anddevelop strengths to implement the acquisition of outstanding doctors, theapplication of provincial and national talent engineering projects, thecultivation of high-calibre talents, the full functioning of DistinguishedProfessors, the training of newly recruited young doctors, so as to stimulatetalents with cause, and to achieve cause through

Leaders of theHuman Resources Offices, deans of secondary departments, and vice deansresponsible for administration were present at the meeting.


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