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Experience the Beauty of Sports, Enhance Physicaland Mental Health

2021年12月20日 14:57      []


On the morning of December 19, 2021, ShandongTechnology and Business University held “The Wonder in Me” Cross-Campus Race.The president Yang Tongyi attended the event and presented prizes to thewinning teams and individuals. The vice president Liu Bing made a speech at theopening ceremony.

Led by teachers from the Department of PhysicalEducation and the cheer-leading squad, over 5,000 student competitors warmed upbefore the race. As the university leaders fired the starting gun, the raceofficially began. During the race, students ran forward with high morale andfull enthusiasm in the cold air. In the long line of runners, singing andchanting were constantly heard across the campus. At last, the top 6 teamprizes were awarded to Economic School, International Business College, Schoolof Computer Science and Technology, School of Management Science andEngineering, School of Management and School of Mathematics and InformationScience. The Award of Outstanding Organizations went to the School of ComputerScience and Technology, School of Finance, School of Mathematics andInformation Sciences, International Business College, School of Accounting andSchool of Foreign Studies. Chen Jiaxiang, Guo Long, Mao Xueyuan, Cheng Yueshan,Huang Yan, Su Zilong, Miao Xing, and Xu Jiacheng turned out to be the top 8 inthe men’s group, while Zhang Yaoyin, Liu Xuemei, Liang Xiaokang, Shen Yanjie,Sang Jiayi, Lu Yingying, Xu Saimin, and Fan Xiaochun were the top 8 in the womne’sgroup.

Based on the slogan of “boost willpower, display SDTBUsplendor”, this race aims to enrich the sporting and cultural life in theuniversity and advance the “sunshine sports” campaign. Runners said duringtheir participation in the race, they not only experienced the immense pleasureof sports but also relished the beautiful scenery of SDTBU’s campus. Theyexpressed their wishes to actively participate in future sports activities inorder to exercise their body, strengthen their willpower, and constantlyenhance their physical and mental health.

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