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Wealth ManagementResearch Results Published in Authoritative Periodical of Energy Economics

2021年06月28日 08:35      []

Recently,a research paper on wealth management titled Subsidy strategy fordistributed photovoltaics: A combined view of cost change and economicdevelopment written by the Energy Economics Research Group of the School ofEconomics at Shandong Technology and Business University was published inEnergy Economics,anauthoritative journal in the field of energyeconomy. Associate Professor Tang Songlin is the first and correspondingauthor, and SDTBU is the first unit to complete the work. Energy Economicsis indexed by both SCI and SSCI. Its IF in recent five years is 5.79 and JCR isQ1. Ranking 11/373 in the economics category, Energy Economics is thetop journal in the field of economics. The publishing of this paper is animportant academic achievement in “Academic Discipline+Wealth Management”characteristics construction promoted by the School of Economics.

DistributedPhotovoltaic Power Generation is an important research topic to achievelow-carbon development in China against the backdrop of peak carbon dioxideemissions and carbon neutrality. Based on evolutionary game theory andempirical analysis, this paper studies the interaction between government andusers in the installation process of distributed photovoltaic system. It isfound that the development of regional economy restricts the subsidy policy ofdistributed photovoltaic power generation system. In case of less subsidies,cost reduction can efficiently stimulate the investment of distributedphotovoltaic, and the subsidy strategy is still an important measure for the developmentof distributed photovoltaic power generation before achieving grid parity.

The Schoolof Economics fully implements the characteristics construction of “Academic Discipline+WealthManagement”, laying a solid foundation for the formation of high-qualityacademic achievements and thus contributing to the construction of an open andhigh-level university with financial and business education characteristics.  

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